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A typical morning... the queen awoke at precisely 6 AM as she did everyday. One must be bright eyed and bushy tailed if they want to have the energy to manage a kingdom. Never mind the insistent Ribbon who has time and time again pleaded the queen to take a day off... there was work to be done. With a sigh, Queen Ripple slipped out of bed and sat in front of her mirror. As she brushed through her thick, black hair her thoughts started to wander.

How long ago had it been since the pink warrior Kirby saved her planet? She couldn't recall. Long enough for her to miss the company. Oh, she loved her planet and all the fairies who inhabited it, but a part of her couldn't help but miss the excitement of the whole ordeal that was brought by... IT. If you asked her what it was like to be possessed by a being of dark matter, she wouldn't be honest in her answer. But that was then, and this is now. Now her planet is as peaceful and safe as it was meant to be.

Shouldn't that make her happy? Why did she feel like something was... missing?

The queen shook her head and muttered to herself, "Foolish."

After tying her hair in the braids she was so fond of, she changed out of her nightgown and into her usual attire. With steady hands, she placed her crown atop her head. Queen Ripple studied her appearance in the mirror. Why was she so blurry- Oh. With a small chuckle, she lifted her glasses from her bedside table and put them on.

This was the rhythm of her life. Wake up. Get dressed. Go out. Oh, and don't forget to smile. As the queen wandered to the garden to water her beloved plants, her thoughts wandered again to Kirby, to Miracle Matter, and to Z-

The queen was jostled out of her thoughts when a fairy approached her. Ah yes, of course. This was the fairy who delivered her mail, which was always from the inhabitants of her planet. She smiled to them, but the fairy did not smile back. Instead they handed her a large envelope with shaking hands.

How odd. Queen Ripple took it and flipped it over, admiring the large H plastered on the front. She couldn't help the smile that spread on her face.

How... exciting.


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